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What do I need to start learning to drive?

In order to start learning to drive on public roads you must be 17 years or older and be in possession of a valid UK provisional driving license. You must also be able to read a vehicle registration mark at a distance of no less than 20.5 metres.


Do you offer both manual & automatic driving lessons?

Yes we do.


I really don’t know anything about driving, will that hold me back?

Of course not, nearly everyone is new to driving and have never even sat in a driving seat. That’s what a driving school is all about. You will also be taught at a pace to suit you and you can ask as many questions as you like! It doesn’t take long to master the basics.


How many lessons will I need?

This is not an easy question to answer as it very much depends on personal ability and whether you are able to practice in between your driving lessons. There is no set number of hours in which you should become ready to take your practical driving test. However, there is a general DSA guideline of 40 hours of driving lessons, together with another 20 hours of private practice. Everyone will learn to drive at different rates and the aim at Must Pass Driving School is to make you a safe and confident driver, not just a driver who has the ability to pass a practical driving test.


How much will it cost me to learn to drive?

This will depend on the numbers of lessons you need. Make sure you don’t choose a driving school or driving instructor purely on price. You will need an instructor that cares about making you a safe and confident driver.


Should I do more than one lesson a week?

It’s up to you, you certainly get through your course in a shorter time if you do two or even three lessons a week but most people cope just fine with one lesson a week.


Do I need to pass my theory test first?

No, you may have some advantage in knowledge but it is best to do both at the same time. Your practical lessons will help you understand theory and your theory will help you understand what you are doing out on the road. They both compliment one another.


I don’t know much about the driving test itself?

When you start your course the test system will be explained to you and as you progress towards your test you will know exactly what it will entail. We will advise you when you are ready and even help you book your test for you.


Do I use the school car for my test?

Yes, the very same car you have been taught in.


What happens on my driving test?

Your instructor will accompany you to the Driving Test Centre where you will meet an examiner. They will then watch you drive for about 45 minutes along a set route and will ask you to perform two manoeuvres. They will record any faults with your driving as either minor or serious. You are allowed up to 15 minor faults and if you commit a serious fault the test would be failed. It sounds terrifying but if you are suitably prepared there is nothing to fear.


Can my instructor come with me on test?

Yes we can if you want us to. The instructor would have to sit in the rear and wouldn’t be allowed to intervene or comment in any way.


What happens after the driving test?
Your examiner will give you a pass certificate which you will need to keep it until you receive your full UK License. After the test, your instructor will drive you back. If you have passed your driving test, your instructor will tell you about additional services aimed at making you an even safer driver i.e.  Pass Plus and Motorway Tuition. If you have failed, then you can book another driving test as soon as you wish.


What is the new driver act?

When you pass your test you must continue to drive safely. If you break any laws and receive 6 points or more your license would be revoked and you would have to take a theory test and driving test all over again. The act applies for two years from the date you pass your driving test, after which the penalty system would allow 11 points before losing the license.